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Revolutionary Digital Exhibition Promote Your Products and Brand Quickly.

With the deepening conception of meta verse in people's minds, it begins to have a wide affect in life, like revolutionary changes in commercial real estate. As we know,more and more real estate exhibition centers use LED digital exhibition way that integrates science and technology power in place of traditional way.

In cross-border cooperation of China Railway Construction and Huawei ,Digital technology and community life was deeply fused into "Digital + Community" smart habitat.

Technology energizes quality

Leyard-Linso created naked eye 3D giant LED screen and customized digital content ,which brings stunning visual experience.

The shocking effect of 3D LED advertising display technology and the immersive viewing experience make people talk about it. 3D stereoscopic visual effects give people an unprecedented "real" visual experience.

 has become the next focus of display devices. Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED display billboard for advertisement for shops & shopping malls to promote your products and brand quickly.

Technology energizes quality-1
Technology energizes quality-2

In short, technology energizes quality life and customized digital visual effect content expands brand influence and highly deepens the impression of commercial brand. 

Technology energizes quality-3

Post time: Jul-20-2022