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New Era, New Journey | Leyard supports CIIE in all aspects

On November 4, the 5th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. For five consecutive years, Leyard provided visual display products and services to the event and exhibitors. As the first major international exhibition held in China after the closing of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CIIE has become a window for China to build a new development pattern, a platform to promote high-level openness, and an international public product to be shared globally.

Leyard supports CIIE in all aspects

The CIIE has set up a comprehensive exhibition area of "China's Ten Years - Opening to the Outside World Achievement Exhibition" for the first time, with figures, pictures, scenes ...showing the historic achievements made by the great nation in the past ten years of endeavor and opening-up. As the first stop of the comprehensive exhibition area, the special exhibition area created by Leyard and Shang Yicheng Group became an important window for guests to learn about China's extraordinary achievements.

Among them, the most eye-catching is the "Time Tunnel" thematic exhibition area, which consists of the ground screen and curved screens on both sides to form a meta-universe experience space, using cutting-edge technologies such as naked eye 3D, motion capture and real-time rendering to immerse the guests.

There are four stops in the "Time Tunnel" thematic exhibition area, not only presenting the four parts of "China's Trade in Services: Counting the Extraordinary Decade", "Beijing Service Trade Continuously Makes New Breakthroughs," "China Service Trade Association Realizes Leapfrog Development," "Open China.Beijing Model," On behalf of the outstanding enterprises in Beijing, the paper presents the latest achievements in building a meta-universe industrial ecology.

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Leyard supports CIIE in all aspects-2

Thousands of volunteer "Little Leaves" and volunteer badges are in the spotlight at each CIIE, and this year the CIIE volunteer badges have been given a new twist.

Lanshuo Culture and Technology of Leyard Group, together with new media artist Qiu Anxiong, helped the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Xiaohongshu R-SPACE to create a digital collection of "Little Leaves" badge, which was officially released on November 5th. Each badge digital collection is a unique sequence, which can be traced and permanently stored, and will become a long-term memento and honorary certification for the volunteers of the Fair.

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The CCIE, the Trade in Services Fair and the Canton Fair ...... Leyard has been active in China's high-level opening to the outside world exhibition platform, providing a full range of visual services for it, which has won praise from all walks of life.In September, 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair was successfully held. As a global leader in visual effects technology, Leyard provided comprehensive visual effects services for several pavilions in the dual venues of Steel Park and National Convention Center, which received critical acclaim and wide attention. CCTV "Focus Interview," Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV, Beijing Daily and many other media focused on the coverage of Leyard.

This September, the "Endeavour For New Era" theme achievement exhibition opened at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. Using the latest digital technology to help build the achievement exhibition, Leyard comprehensively publicized the historic achievements and historic changes that have taken place in the cause of the Party and the State since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

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This year, Leyard has fulfilled its mission of providing visual effects services for the CIIE. From the 2008 Olympics Games, the 50th/60th/70th National Day celebrations, the Wuhan Military Games to the 2022 Winter Olympics, Leyard has demonstrated the quality of its "Chinese screens" and its innovative strength as a Chinese national brand with numerous stunning works. In the future, Leyard will continue to uphold the concept of "strengthening the country, developing the industry and benefiting the people, so that the world can share the fruits of scientific and technological innovation", and continue to do a good job in providing visual effects protection services for major national events.

Post time: Nov-16-2022