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The “Impression of Shanghai” ring display art installation in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall created by Leyard-Linso Culture and Technology was selected into the Shanghai Design 100+!

Since Shanghai joined the United Nations’ "Creative Cities Network" in 2010, the creative and design industries have flourished. In the new development stage, Shanghai officially launched the construction of a world-class "City of Design", various industries positively responded and made concerted efforts to enable industrial innovation and development, create a dynamic urban space, optimize urban public services, brighten people's good lives, and gather efforts to build a city brand through excellent design. The "Shanghai Design 100+" is the centralized show and promotion platform for the above five dimensions of excellent design achievements. On September 15, the 2021-2022 "Shanghai Design 100+" was launched on the opening day of the World’s City of Design Conference, focusing on the achievements of Shanghai's "City of Design" construction, demonstrating the value and strength of design.


The "Shanghai Design 100+", which premiered on this day, gathered 2128 design achievements from 18 countries, 1416 design teams, and was officially released at the new product launch site. The "Impression of Shanghai" ring display art installation in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall of Leyard-Linso Culture and Technology was selected into Shanghai Design 100+!


The "Impression of Shanghai" ring display art installation is a comprehensive upgrade for Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall by Leyard-Linso Culture and Technology, it’s a stunning 360° digital ring display for its lobby. When you enter the lobby, a huge double-sided curved LED display system hangs under the circular dome, and the screen slowly unfolds to show the comprehensive urban beauty of Shanghai in the form of dynamic performance.

Post time: Nov-02-2022