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Convenient Installation Indoor Fixed LED Screen Placed Everywhere

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LSIF series LED panels are designed for indoor fixed applications.

The indoor fixed LED display is a screen made up of high-quality material for exhibiting and presenting various digital content. In other words, a LED display is a video display screen and a fine ornament to the area in which it is stored, whether it be an office zone or any other areas. It is usually installed and supported using a standard iron or aluminium alloy cabinet with a durable structure and light weight.

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★ 45°design on cabinet for 2.6 and 3.9

★ High refresh rate, no ghosting

★ Excellent visual quality, seamless alignment

★ Magnetic front service

★ Anti fire / corrosion

★ High contrast ratio > 5000:1

★ Cabinet protection design

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The Highly Reliable Smd Technology Is Popularly Known For Its Super-Wide Viewing Angle For The Led Screen

The highly reliable SMD technology is popularly known for its super-wide viewing angle for the LED screen. Whats more, there are many benefits of the MSD technology that makes the indoor LED display outstanding in the crowd, such as higher contrast ratio, stable video deliverance, vibrant non-flickering images, high quality and vivid color performance. And it also has higher refresh rate, high pixel density, super uniformity in color ,Last but not the least , it is low budget. 

The Indoor Fixed Led Displays

The indoor fixed LED displays are made to be transportable and convenient to be placed anywhere. LED displays are easily set in gyms, stores, meeting rooms, airports, banks, hotels, hospitals, nurseries, supermarkets, conference rooms, or even in the theaters, etc.  

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Indoor Led Displays Are One Of The Most Straightforward Screens To Install

Indoor LED displays are one of the most straightforward screens to install. The LED display is carefully developed with high quality and versatile brand SMD LED chip. As mentioned above, due to SMD chip technology, the luminescence and brightness of the screen increase significantly while providing a better, colorful, sharper and more evident impact than any other LED displays. 

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  • Product Name LSIF1.5 LSIF1.8 LSIF2.5 LSIF2.6 LSIF3.9
    Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.579mm 1.875mm 2.5mm 2.6mm 3.9mm
    LED Type 3in1 SMD 1010 3in1 SMD 1515 3in1 SMD 2121 3in1 SMD 2121 3in1 SMD 2121
    Cabinet Resolution 304*304 256*256 192*192 192*192 128*128
    Pixel Density (pixels/m2) 401111 284089 160000 147456 65536
    Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 480*480*57 480*480*57 480*480*57 500*500*60 500*500*60
    Modules/Cabinet (W x H) 2*2 2*2 2*2 2*2 2*2
    Module Resolution 152*152 128*128 96*96 96*96 64*64
    Module Size  (W x H) 240×240 240×240 240×240 250*250 250*250
    Power Consumption  Maximum ( W/m2 ) 600 600 600 620 620
    Power Consumption  Typical (W/m2) 200 200 200 220 220
    Line Voltage

    AC110-240V ( 50-60HZ)

    Cabinet Material

    Die-casting aluminum

    Cabinet Weight 4.9Kg/cabinet 4.9Kg/cabinet 4.9Kg/cabinet 5.5Kg/cabinet 5.5Kg/cabinet
    Brightness Max,  Calibration On (cd/m2) 600~800                       600~800                          600~800                              1000~1500                       1000~1500
    LED Refresh Rate 1920~3840H
    Color Temperature  Adjust (k) 2000~9000
    Viewing Angle H:160°/V:160°
    Frame Rate 50/60Hz
    Gray Scale  Processing 16 bit
    Service Access Front&Rear
    LED Lifetime,  Typical 100,000H
    Environment Indoor
    Runtime Duty Cycle  (Hours/Day) 24/7
    Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃~40℃
    (degrees F/C) 10-85% relative humidity
    Opertating Temperature/Humidity  -20℃~40℃
    (degrees F/C) 10-85% relative humidity
    IP Rating (F/R) IP40/IP30
    90°installation Not available  Not available  Not available YES YES
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