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Intelligent and Creative Mechanical LED Display System Redefines New Media

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For its structure, low cost and 360° viewing angle,It has been rapidly developed. At present, the common LED display screens are displayed by scanning mode. The realization principle is to control different batches of LEDs to illuminate in different time periods. According to the visual persistence characteristics of human eye, when the scanning frame rate reaches to 24 Hz, human eye does not feel the scanning process, but a stable image.

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Mechanical LED Display

Mechanical LED display is a new type of display which realizes graphic display by synchronously controlling the position and lighting state of LEDs.

Rotating screen (2)
Rotating screen (1)

The Rotating Screen Realizes The Graphic Display

The rotating screen realizes the graphic display by controlling one row or one column of LEDs to quickly move the position and change the lighting state. If the LED is rotated fast enough at each place, a stable image can also be displayed. The advantage is that the display can be made by a small number of LEDs in a conventional way.  The MCU is used to control the LED and the touch button provides users to interact with the system. The landscape in which the rotating LED floats in midair gives a big visual enjoyment.


LINSO LED has done many successful cases ,taking some mechanical structure for example: rotating tower, fancy butterfly ,movable ribbon screen, etc. The LED tower consisting of three layer moving structure has ever become the new type of intelligent mechanical LED display system of some local Food Street, Every layer is made up of three fixed screen and one rotation axis ,which could be rotated by 360 degrees.

Butterfly mechanical screen main (2)
Rotating screen

Linso Intelligent Mechanical Display

LINSO intelligent mechanical display system adopts creative LED to redefine new media, and successfully breaks the limitations of traditional display equipment. Compared with traditional LED screen equipment, It is characterized by innovative design, comprehensive technical integration and diverse application scenarios.

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