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YEESO LED trailer Plays an Import Role in President Elections

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LED Screen trailer chassis is an un-powered vehicle pulled with a trailer hitch ball which could be towed by a powered car, pickup or truck. The trailer is designed for carrying LED screen and hydraulic parts. The LED trailer multimedia system includes LED display, control card, speakers, video processor, power amplifier, etc. The trailer mounted LED screen can be divided into indoor use and outdoor application.

In accord with mechanics principle, it has flexible and robust chassis with braking system, which is safe and reliable,Also it has patented technology and high refresh rates-by-point correction technology to ensure perfect clarity video and patent hydraulic screen lifting/ rotating system towed by car along the road.

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1. Best quality hydraulic system to ensure accuracy.

2. Synchronous control system enable live broadcast.

3. Flexible trailer chassis, which could be easily towed to run on the road.

4. Hydraulic lifting & 360-degree manual rotation system to support led display up, down and rotating.

5. High resolution and good view distance.

6. LED Display brightness adjust automatically.

7. Standard waterproof cabinet which is IP65 and UV resistance, vibration proof, P4, P6, P8, P10 pixel optional.

8. Multi signal input.With Video Processor,signal can be USB /DVD /HDMI /DVI/VGA/SDI etc.

9. Professional multi-media system and control system including video processor, speakers, power amplifier.

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Led Screen Trailer Chassis Is An Un-Powered Vehicle

Generally speaking, the mobile LED screen trailers size range is from single-axle to double-axle based on the total trailer loading weight. The trailer standard and regulation are different also in different countries like Europe and North America, Our mobile LED trailers are mainly used for president election, Its said 90% won the selection after using our LED trailers.

If you own an LED trailer, it will be an excellent investment for your company. You can use it to transport your goods or even employees while doing advertising via LED screens, As China old saying goes, kill two birds with one stone.

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