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Mobile LED Truck Not Only for OOH Advertising But Marketing Campaigns

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Mobile LED truck (also known as digital billboard advertising trucks or mobile digital billboard truck) can go anywhere, with visuals and audio at the audience eye level, providing new channels not only for out of home Advertising but also for Experiential Marketing campaigns as well.

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What’s Superb About Led Truck Advertising

What’s superb about LED truck advertising is that it is very versatile because it isn’t confined to offline and online advertising form . For example, billboards are situated in one location, which means only people who pass by the area can take a glance of them. For online advertising, users need to surf the web and come across some digital advertising copies. On the other hand, LED trucks allow you to combine online and offline advertising and spread your content,your brand and your products around the city or your location !

If you own an LED truck, it will be an excellent investment for your company. You can use it to transport your goods or even employees while doing advertising via LED screens ,As China old saying goes, kill two birds with one stone.

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1. High resolution and good view distance;

2. LED Display brightness adjust automatically;

3. Standard waterproof cabinet which is IP65 and UV resistance,vibration proof, P4, P6, P8, P10 pixel optional;

4. Multi signal input. With Video Processor,signal can be USB /DVD /HDMI /DVI /VGA /SDI etc;

5. Professional multi-media system and control system including video processor, speakers, power amplifier.

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