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Outdoor Regular/Irregular LED Screen Display with cost-efficient Budget

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LSONF series LED panels are designed for outdoor regular applications

Outdoor led screens are large billboards made to display advertising, video and some other digital content. They can be placed in open-air area because of their modular assembling system

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Outdoor LED screens provide a bravo way to advertise, inform or display any chosen content outdoors, helping to catch the eye of audiences and passersby you may not have reached otherwise. In term of its high brightness specification, the screen delivers a excellent image to these audiences, even in low visibility, serving as a great form of representation for your brand, product or service in a passive and stylish way. These screens can even help to keep people safe, offering important information to passersby when needed in a efficient way 


The features of outdoor led screens by LINSO is to be visible and functional in any exposure and also climatic conditions,like in humid environment. The reproduced images are able to be seen in daylight or in the dark, from sunrise to sunset even in strong direct sunlight or at night without glare effects. Because of their flexibility, they can reach large dimensions and cover whole buildings, be integrated into a scaffolding, installed on poles, roof-tops, walls,etc.

These features make the LED video walls adaptable to any type application : from advertising to entertainment, from communication to information,Its a revolution in the world of media.

Thanks to the lowest operation cost throughout the product’s life cycle , Its your first choice for cost-efficient DOOH LED display.’



Iron or aluminum cabinets are available

High temperature resistance <60℃ Max

IP65 for front side and IP54 for rear side

Front service

High contrast ratio > 4000:1

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    Pixel 3.9mm 4mm 4.8mm 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
    Pixel Idensity/m² 65536 62500 43264 22500 15625 10000
    Module size(mm) 250*250 320*320 250*250 320*320
    Cabinet size(mm) 1000*1000 960*960 1000*1000 960*960 960*960 960*960
    Material Iron cabinet
     Weight (KG/sqm) 40
     Gray level 65536
     Color process(Bit) 14~16 bits
     Refresh rate(Hz) >3840 Hz
     Drive mode/scan 1/8 scan 1/10 scan 1/6 scan 1/6 scan 1/5 scan 1/2 scan
     Brightness(cd/m2) 5000~5500 5000~5500 5000~5500 5500~6000 5500~6000
     Viewing angle H(°) 140/120
     Input Voltage(V) AC110~240V
     Input frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz
     Power consumption M(W/m²) 960W 850W 850W 800W 800W 800W
     Power consumption A(W/m²) 320W 280W 280W 260W 260W 260W
    Common cathode design options NO NO NO YES(550W max) YES(550W max) YES(550W max)
     Working Temperature( ℃) -10~60
    Working humidity(%) 30%~85%
    IP level(F/R) IP65/IP54
     Service method Front Front Front  Front Front Front
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